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New learning Korean!

Hey, I'm new to learning Korean so any tips or help would help me out a lot! Thank you!

February 2, 2018



Hi! A tip would be that you NEED to use other resources as well as Duolingo, because the alphabet is hard to master. I recommend Ko->En dictionaries and Quizlet. :)


Hope you find this useful:



P.S: A lingot for you! Go get em tiger! ;)

Oh, I almost forgot.,

If it is OK with you, I hope you try out below Korean drama just to get your ears used to the various sounds of Korean language.

No need to panic since found a version where it is 100% with English subtitle on youtube. Enjoy the drama, rely 100% on English subtitles and let your ears gradually get used to Korean sounds. ;)




I would like to join


Talk To Me In Korean, TTMIK, has a set of grammar books, called levels, that explain the grammar in an easy, practical way. Drama is also good for getting familiar with how they pronounce, common phrases etc. The show recommended below is one of my absolute favorites. And a lingot to get you started...


Super! On second thought, unless readily available, films might be more approachable than dramas which usually consist of 10+ episodes.

My top recommended Korean film would this:



P.S: Have you watched K-Drama called "Man From the Equator" by any chance?

Really liked the actress's role as a college student volunteering to record audio books for the blinds. Her voice and pronunciation were excellent, way above average even for a native speaker. Read some article that she never thought about becoming an actress but an anchorwoman so he spent lots of money for some specialised training yet ended up becoming a star in the showbiz world. lol




Hi! I am still learning too, but I would like to share with you what worked for me. Before I started learning the Korean alphabets, I watched Korean dramas, TV shows, movies, and news. I got used to the pronunciation and I was able to understand a lot of the basic sentences and daily conversation. I would advice you to choose what to watch according to your interests and liking.

Here are some TV shows you might be interested in: - Hello counselor (available on youtube) - Happy together (available on youtube) - Running man (some episodes are available on youtube) - My neighbor Charles (available on youtube) - The return of Superman (available on youtube) - etc.

Dramas: - Oh, my venus! - Voice - Criminal Minds - Doubtful victory - Shopping king, Louis - Secret, etc.

Websites: - Shows http://kshow123.net/ - Drama, movies & some TV shows http://drama3s.tv/

Let's keep up the good work :)

All the Best!


https://youtu.be/_s8FRKxUEPk Here's a video you can watch that I made with my language exchange partner in Seoul. Enjoy.


Study every day for at least 15 minutes. Do at least one lesson on DuoLingo every day to earn 10xp and maintain your streak. Consistency is the way to learn a language.

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