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Learning Korean - Twitter Thread

hihihi just letting everyone know that i have a collection of tweets which is constantly expanding which can help you to learn korean!

it has shinee song translations, jonghyun's book, random korean language things that i find interesting, vocabulary lists, and more!

i hope you like it!


February 2, 2018



omg! Listerine is my favourite. The ones sold in Korea are the ones manufactured in the Philippines. Many Koreans complain that it is too strong for a mouthwash yet the ones sold here are very much diluted version and not as strong as the ones I used to use abroad. lol


lol I saw ur icon and auto thought of jjong but didn't think it ACTUALLY had to do with him. I just purchased diphellia grayi so I'd like to see the translations so I'll def follow <3 I miss jjong

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