"None of the restaurants are bad."

Translation:Keine der Restaurants sind schlecht.

March 19, 2013

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I translated: "Keines der Restaurants ist schlecht." It said it should be "keins". I don't agree: keines and keins are synonymous.


Looks like Keines is accepted now.


isn't the German here really just saying, "no restaurants are bad."? Wouldn't this sentence have to be constructed more precisely with the genitive, as in, "Keiner Restaurants sind nicht schlecht."? (Nt. I'm not sure if, following the genitive case, the noun ending is correct...) Any guidance would be much appreciated!


I agree with you that the German sentence only means "No restaurants are bad."
Construction with the genitive: "Keines der Restaurants ist schlecht." (note that 'keines' is singular)


Odd...duo's correction to me is "Keine" without an S. Is that incorrect?


Thanks for helping with my queries.


Can someone explain me one thing?In the same lesson,i saw "das Restaurant","die Restaurants" and "der Restaurants" in three different sentences.What's the difference between them?


Das restaurant is nominative case. Die restaurants is plural nominative case. Der restaurants is declination for die retaurants (plural). Learn about declination in the various cases of German language for more info.

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