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Audio (recording) problems with different browsers

Now I know duolingo is planning on having the interface the same on everything eventually. However, between Firefox and Chrome, each has its own special issue (which you may well be aware of).

Firefox: By the second or third time I record, it simply refuses understand my input, to the point that I have to say "no microphone" and turn it back on at the end.

Chrome: No issues actually recording myself (and I like this interface a lot better too), but the big problem is—I can't hear myself afterwards to compare!

I'm hoping that the ultimate system duo will use will allow the audio feedback ("hear yourself" button). Yet—without firefox's problems!

(*Also important—I use a Mac OS X, v 10.6.8)

April 14, 2014



it might help the team if you add your operating system as well :-)


Same issue with the site not hearing me; using Firefox 28 on a custom built PC with Windows 7 64 bit.

Update: Despite IE and all of it's derpy glory, it actually worked when I tried going back. Still won't use it as my default browser, but at least I can feel a little better about my pronunciation.

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