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Is this supposed to happen?

It's very easy to "jump around" the tree by switching the name of the lesson in the URL with the name of any other lesson in the tree (even with lessons that have not yet been unlocked). Just thought I would tell somebody in case this was an accident.

April 14, 2014



I remember it used to work, but than would not save your progress. Is this still the case or can you actually unlock lessons like this?


If you include "/lesson number" then you actually can access the lessons but you are correct in that it will not save any progress. I forgot to check whether or not you gain any XP.

By the way, I am using Google Chrome and OSX.


Update: It actually did save my progress, and when I got up to the lesson in my tree, it showed up as already being completed.


I haven't been able to do that either.:)

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