"Matěj proposed to her two months ago."

Translation:Matěj ji požádal o ruku před dvěma měsíci.

February 2, 2018

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Would a version with "požádal" and "ji" swapped be wrong?


That sounds like the 19th century to me. I even found a related example: "...,který také požádal ji o ruku." (Hurban, 1877). Sounds weird today.


With JI after POŽÁDAL?

If you kicked Matěj out, you can do it "Požádal ji o ruku" (he proposed to her), I guess we know who he is from context.

But once you put Matěj in or ON in, you cannot swap it around like that. So no !Matěj požádal ji o ruku"


So "ji" is part of the second-position club? I did not learn this in class!


Is there another translation of the verb "pozadat" in czech other than pozadat koho o ...(asking someone to marry)? Thanks


An ordinary "požádat o něco" is just an ordinary generic "ask for something". It is a synonym of "poprosit o něco".

požádal o auto - poprosil o auto - he asked for a car

There are also imperfective žádat and prosit.

(Po)žádat is better or even necessary for a formal request or proposal. (Po)prosit is better for asking family members, friends and similar.


thank you very much !

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