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I have 3 questions on this phrase : 1. Is ㅎ pronounced after ㄴ? 2. Is ㅎ pronounced after ㄹ? 3. Is ㅁ sounded like "B"? please I need help

February 2, 2018



천천히 말해 주세요

1) 천천히 ( ㅎ is pronounced - yet let your ears catch this not your eyes pls - The below link should help your ears get used to the sound.)

2) 말해 (ㅎ pronounced after ㄹ)

3) ㅁ should sound "m"

Mamma Mia! = 맘마 미아!

Some recordings in Duolingo may be confusing. If so advise you to listen via

1) translate.google.com

2) forvo.com


If it is OK with you, I hope you try out below Korean drama just to get your ears used to the various sounds of Korean language.

No need to panic since found a version where it is 100% with English subtitle on youtube. Enjoy the drama, rely 100% on English subtitles and let your ears gradually get used to Korean sounds. ;)



Why this particular drama? Well

1) It has an English subtitle for all episodes

2) The actress doing the leading role speaks simply excellent Korean even for a native speaker. Think she did receive some specialist training on Korean pronunciation since her career goal was once to become an anchorwoman in Korea. 3) The drama it itself is not bad at all to watch.


I think, ㅎ is pronounced after ㄴ, but not after ㄹ. But I can't answer your third question, I'm sorry

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