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German Conversation Group on Whatsapp

Hello everyone,

I've just started a Whatsapp group, and I'll post the invitation link here so that anyone who wishes could join.

In this group, speaking German is mandatory. Anyone who talks in English or any other language will be banned from the group, because I joined a number of these groups, and people ALWAYS turn them into English-speaking conversation groups.

And finally, please share the link and invite as many people as you can, because I just started the group myself and I'm the only member yet :D

Here is the link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/AciaSZBXBnp7QUKeYMEYu8

February 2, 2018



Joined! I don't know German very well, but hey - why don't I try, right? :)


Exactly! The whole point is to improve our German anyway. But I hope more people join than the two of us :D


I might join if I get a Whatsapp account.

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Thought about joining, unfortunately I'm really not at the level of even understanding day to day conversation :( Maybe in the future


Don't give up! There are people on there with various levels. Even if you just started, just dive on in anyway. It's really the best way to learn. Everyone in the group has been very nice and helpful thus far. Give it a go! :)


Don't be ashamed to join, guys. Almost none of us can speak fluent German. The whole point is to improve it. You can use dictionary to speak, or you can just read what's being written, it's okay.

And the group isn't active 7/24, but we have little chats from time to time during the day. So don't leave if you don't get a reply right away. It doesn't mean that the group isn't active at all.


Just joined myself:)

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