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旅かえる-The Traveling Frog

The Traveling Frog has recently unexpectedly become a hit in Asia. I tried today on my Android phone. The game is actually quite boring. You need to help a frog which likes to travel. Firstly you harvest clover leaves, the currency in the game, and use them to buy food and tools for preparing the trips of the frog. Once it's ready the frog would be away for a few hours and you would have nothing to do other than growing the clover and waiting (genuinely watching the grass grow).

So yesterday, my frog キース (named after me) went to the Central Region 中部地方. It took a picture of a castle which looks like Nagoya Castle 名古屋城, and brought back some souvenirs お土産 (いっぴん/逸品 fine articles and めいぶつ/名物 local specialties) - Cabbage きゃべつ and Rice Jelly ういろう this time. Then it seems a little interesting now. I would be glad to know some more of these vocabularies.

キースが帰りました!it says. Let me see what キース did this time.

To try:

February 2, 2018



There is an interesting BBC News article about the Travelling Frog here: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-42871181


Hmm. Interesting... Veeery interesting.



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