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a bad way to learn a language

Hi, I am a native Turkish speaker, I know English and thanks to Duolingo, now I have some French and Spanish.

I really wanted to learn Swahili for a long time and got very happy to see the Swahili course. But after a few lessons, I see that this is a wrong way to teach a language.

The problem is, the course starts immediately with "greetings" which are "a lot" and use different pronouns and in different tenses. So we must learn all the pronouns, at least two tenses and various words describing time and other stuff in just a couple beginning lessons. This is absolutely wrong and discouraging.

Starting to teach the "greetings" at the start is also has no benefit: I will not be able to speak in Swahili anyway, if I would learned all those greetings and say "hello" to someone...

Please review the course and give us a simpler start. Thanks.

February 2, 2018



I had no problem with the start, coming in from scratch. All you have to do at this point is memorise it, like one does phrases in a travel phrase book. Later it explains how the system works, giving it to you piecemeal so you don't have to take it all in at once.

I'm not saying "it works for me therefore it should be fine for everyone". Obviously, it doesn't work for you. All I'm saying is that this is not inherently a bad or wrong way to learn the language.

The execution could do with a bit of tweaking, of course.


I sort of agree, but among the many issues with the course, it's a pretty small one. Also, unlike many other languages, the Swahili greetings taught actually include a lot of vocabulary useful on its own. I didn't really appreciate this at first until I started making flashcards for the individual words.

As a practical matter, if you just learned more authentic greetings, I bet you could make a Swahili speaker smile, and it might help form a connection.


This is the very reason I started my YouTube channel. But more specifically, started teaching other subjects first before getting to the greetings. Stuff to get your brain juices flowing first... without having to think too hard.

I wanted the learner to be interested and stay interested. Later on, the learner would get to the deeper learning stuff.

Here is our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6sG8ZDWUL893fV-0HIVe0Q

Our server will have more content of all sorts soon, from beginner to advanced to even native-ish levels. https://discord.gg/3r89c7T

Here is my website to help with the duolingo audio up to level 10: https://www.kingozi-chronicles.com/audio.html#chapters

Siku njema!


Another course that might help is Language Transfer's Complete Swahili Course. It tackles grammar and will help you put Swahili sentences together:


Greetings are very important in Swahili and believe me, you only learn part of the greeting rituals. Just saying "Jambo" won't do in Swahili. So you better learn how to greet properly. Don't worry, the other tpoics will come soon and it will be far more difficult.

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