"The pencil and the sharpener are in the pencil case."

Translation:Creionul și ascuțitoarea sunt în penar.

February 2, 2018

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why not "penarul" for "the pencil case"?


The definite article is not always used in the same scenarios in English as it is in Romanian. This is one such scenario.


That doesn't really explain it. Sometimes you need ul, sometimes you don't. There doesn't seem to be a clearly defined explanation of why.


In general, the definite article isn't used when you are using a preposition. So, while in English we would say that "The cat is on the table", in Romanian we would say "Pisica este pe masă." (The cat is on table.) As for why it's like that, that's just how it is in Romanian. That's what makes it fun. :)


Does it have something to so with it not being a specific pencil case - as in the Batman pencil case, but rather it is just pencil case? That is how I understand it in the Chapter on Places, when the Romanian for "in the garden" is given as "în gradina."


I believe the same.. maybe it's "in penar", but "in penarul rosu" as it is "locuiesc in nord" but "locuiesc in nordul orasului" ??


It's really just a difference between the two languages. In English, prepositions must use the definitive article (He went by the cat. She is in the garden.) In Romanian, you don't use the definitive article (El a mers lângă pisică. Ea este în grădină.)


I can't speak for "în penarul rosu"--I'm not sure what makes that definite, but "în nordul orasului" nord is definite because that's the genative case, and you can't have something indefinite "owned" by something else in genative. ("the north of the city")

(Well, you can, but you have to use helper words to make it happen. "A cat of the man" would be "O pisică a omului". The "a" after pisică is a definite article all by itself that makes it okay grammatically." I was taught it as the "ale mamei tale" rule, where "some cats of your mom's" would be "niște pisici ale mamei tale".)


De ce nu ascuțitor? Un ascuțitor, două ascuțitoare.


why is the plural form, used in "ascutitoarea"?? acc to me it should ne singular also just like creionul


That's not the plural.

Ascuțitoare - ascuțitori / ascuțitoarea - ascuțitorile

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