"You are silent, they talk."

Translation:Voi tăceți, ei vorbesc.

February 2, 2018

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"Tu ești tăcut, ei vorbesc" și ""Voi sunteți tăcuți, ei vorbesc"" sunt deasemenea răspunsuri corecte, neacceptate în acest moment de DuoLingo.

"Tu ești tăcut, ei vorbesc" and ""Voi sunteți tăcuți, ei vorbesc"" are also correct answers, unsupported at this time by DuoLingo.


We learn to conjugate certain verbs, among others the verb "a tăcea". Thát is what we learn in this lesson, There are a lot of ways to express the "being silent", but one can't learn everything in one time... ;-)


And, by the way, we only have learned (a still learning) the Present time, not the form you refer to (I don't know the English term, sorry).


In "You are silent,they talk" , silent describes how the person is so it is an adjective , there is no difficulty in this translation form.

So yes another variant here to be taken into account by Duolingo is indeed "Tu ești tăcut, ei vorbesc" and "Voi sunteți tăcuți, ei vorbesc" as regiment13 pointed.


poti spune si "esti tacut" sau "sunteti tacuti" (in orice caz, nu prea e clar)

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