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French Group

I am looking for people to join in a group together with and help each other stay motivated and active. I have been doing this on my own for a month or so and just thought it would be better to find a group of others that are learning too. We could even meet beyond Duolingo (like via discord/voice chat) and work on speaking if schedules allow.

February 2, 2018



That sounds fun!! I'm learning french too, but it's hard for me to keep a streak so that would be helpful:)


Je aurait adore cette! Je ne peux pas discord/voice chat, mais je aurait à parle ici avec vous! Peux pas idée fausse, je suis pas fluent en française, je suis apprend, mais j'essaye à parle ça plus. Heureusement vous comprend moi.


a discord or voice chat sounds great


I have a Discord if you ever want to add me to a French group. Len#0333 hmu


I am still a beginner, but I am interested as well. I started in mid-January, but my schedule makes it difficult to maintain streaks. Let me know how you would like to work it, and I will try to work it in.


Hi, I'm Elena i'm trying to learn french but i never went there or know much about franch but i hope i make a french friend who can teach me about your country . I'm half Chinese and Nepali and i can speack Chinese ,Nepali ,English abit HIndi and would love to know french

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