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Youtube chanel with clearly spoken French

Just sharing. She seems to be speaking real full speed French with interesting topics and speaks very clearly. It is the closest I have come to understanding spoken French not aimed at students.


February 3, 2018



I found these very helpful: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHIwLdoUz4FRNyfjyz_G-Kg

They are probably better for those who are beginners, like myself!


Thank you for sharing. Was nice to watch.


Thank you so much for sharing that! I found her kind of challenging, but she speaks pretty clearly. I loved watching her hands! My family lived in France for 14 months when our children were young, and I remember that particularly my daughter, who is really quick to pick up languages, was gesticulating wildly when she spoke French, even on the telephone, as soon as two months after she started in her French-speaking school. So much fun to watch!


I will try again. I only get words here and there, but she is very enthusiastic which will keep me engaged.


Wow she is fantastic! Anyone that can be so enthusiastic about the Paleo-Babylonian Empire Rules of Marriage AND make it sound interesting is amazing! Unfortunately, I also couldn't understand every word. Luckily, she sticks to one topic per video and that makes it a bit easier - I actually pause it every so often to look up words. I would like to speak as precisely as she - this woman is my goal!

Thanks very much for the link.


Those are great. At first I could hardly understand more than a word here and there, but after a few minutes I was understanding a good deal more. Reminds me of when I was in France for a year as a student (many years ago; actually, many decades ago). I would put the radio on to a talk show any time I was alone in my apartment. It was just in the background. I wasn't concentrating on it at all. But eventually I found I was understanding a great deal. I still remember the day I realized that I just understood the weather forecast (and I wasn't really listening, just letting it yak in the background).


Great! I have a little trouble with the speed, but she does speak quite clearly, and I think after a handful of listens these will be much easier. Thanks for posting!


Thank you for sharing.


For the scientific side of duolingo: https://www.youtube.com/scienceetonnante has videos about science in French, rarely subtitled, but he's clear and has diagrams and keywords, plus technical terms are often similar in English and French :)

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