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  5. "Do you see the dog?"

"Do you see the dog?"

Translation:Vidíš toho psa?

February 3, 2018



I haven't understood how toho is used


"ten" is is a masculine pronoun used for pointing at objects. roughly as "the" or "that". "toho" is the accusative (also genitive) case of "ten".


Why isn't "Vidíš psa" correct? "toho" is more "that dog" than "the dog", right?


No, not really. It is hard to make a 1:1 map because the languages are different and Czech has no articles. However, Czech certainly uses demonstratives more than some other Slavic languages, say Russian.

In normal situations the "toho" must be there for some already known "the dog". We can discuss whether it is necessary in some less common situations but normally it should be there.


It seems broken. When I enter "Vidíš ty psy?" it says it is wrong and the correct answer is: "Vidíš toho psa?". But when I put this instead, it says that "Vidíš ty psy?" is correct. So I cannot finish this lesson.


There are multiple similar sentences here, please read them carefully each time before answering. Then, if you still have such problems you have to use "My answer should have been accepted" to report the problem.

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