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Beginner numbers lesson is horrible

I'm at the beginning, learning numbers, the 1st part of the lesson . It shows me 4 chinese signs for numbers, with audio. It doesn't tell me which numbers they are until the end of the 1st part (the numbers were 1, 3, 7, 8) and instead, lets me first match pairs (english-chinese) for some numbers which weren't even shown and played with audio and it never tells me what they mean, and I can't hover over them. Is the whole course like this? It's really frustrating.

February 3, 2018



If you want to get character meanings when you hover over them, check out this post made by RobinCard, it has an amazing Chrome extention for that. I use it and I recommend it very much if you want to learn more than just hanzi's sounds. :)


Thanks for the link :)


I HATED the numbers lesson. As MyaRexa has pointed out. If you use Chrome you can use my extension and it will fix a lot of problems with Duolingo Chinese :)



For chinese I rather recommend you the app "Hello chinese" in the playstore for android. I am learning chinese too. I prefer the other app over Duolingo. They explain everything very well. In duolingo they often add new words without explanation. For languages that you already learned a bit duolingo is very good. I use it to fresh up my English and French.


it is really hard to say the numbers if you don't no what thay say.

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