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Mastering a course??

How can I increase my language skills? I've been doing German classes for more than half a year now, I have mastered all the lessons but my knowledge has stuck on 67%...


February 3, 2018



You shouldn't pay much attention to the skill level meter. I am a native german speaker and i only have a fluency of around 52%. As far as i know, it's neither really accurate nor is it useful during learning sessions.


Mine is at 54% yet iam on learning german it makes no sense


Altough most people consider this metric to be useless, you have to make less mistakes and practice more. You can check this post : (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26085103/72).

Hope it answers your question although some of the answers are in German.


If you feel confident about all of the material, it might be time for you to move on to other resources, like media created for natives, Memrise, Clozemaster, etc. Duolingo will only get you so far, and like the others have said, the fluency meter doesn't mean anything.


Maybe try doing a couple of timed trials on the web version otherwise do you use hints at all when you do lessons?


The fluency meter is nonsense, don't worry about it. :)


I speak German fluently myself and I am stuck on 62%. I don't really think it has anything to do with your mastery of the language. Also, I have never really understood the whole XP thing...it was only recently explained to me. I see others with a 22 or 25 next to their German icons. It still confuses me somewhat shrugs.

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ExpatQuebe, it is simply the adding up of how many XP's you have done. Duo has certain thresholds that when you do a predetermined X amount of XP's then you are at Level 1, or 2, or 3 etc. If you do 10xp's a day then in 300 days you will have 3000 XP's; this will automatically put you in a certain level whether you have gone through 1/2 the tree or just practiced 1 lesson 300 times. You achieve the level which is determined on how many XP's you have done and not on how far you have gone or how many times you make mistakes.


I also have 67%. I guess it does not really go above that. Maybe some users have 70-72%, but definitely, no one on Duolingo reaches 100%


I am on 72% in French but find Duo very limited at this level as most of the work entails repetition of very easy vocabulary and phrases. They seem to favour words that are similar/identical to the English making the translation impossible to get wrong. I wish there could be more vocabulary and less of "The (word) is important". What about the hundred other adjectives I should be revising. As a result I do the lessons too fast and make typos so do not expect to progress. Maybe it is time to move on.

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