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  5. "Coming from Korea is tough."

"Coming from Korea is tough."

Translation:한국에서 오는 게 힘들어요.

February 3, 2018



Roughly speaking, it is an abridged, conversational version of 것이 (imagine use of "G'day" versus Good day as it is quick and simpler)

것이 = 게, 거

한국에서 오는 것이 힘들어요 = 한국에서 오는게 힘들어요 =한국에서 오는거 힘들어요

For creating your own sentences in speaking and writing, I recommend you to use "것이" rather than 게, 거 as usages for 것이 are more diverse both conversational & written.

Usually, songs and poems prefer shortened versions as such obviously


ㅅ ending is often omitted in Korean.

무엇 -> 무어 -> 뭐 이것 -> 이거 이것이 -> 이거+이 -> 이게


한국 means korea 에서 means coming from 오는 means coming to 게 means the action of 힘들어요 means that something is hard


Lol I just left Korea after living there for a year and it definitely is hard


Why should coming from Korea is a tough thing? If I were you I'd be happy! :)


Lots of societal pressures and very little acceptance of failure. There's a reason they have the world's highest suicide rate.


i put 오는 것은 and it counted it wrong... but that's literally the same thing...


When should I use 건, 것, 게, 것을, 것은 I am so confused


Can the meaning of this be interpreted as "Being a Korean outside Korea is tough" or just as "It's difficult to exit Korea"

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