"Coming from Korea is tough."

Translation:한국에서 오는 게 힘들어요.

February 3, 2018



Why is it 게?

February 3, 2018


Roughly speaking, it is an abridged, conversational version of 것이 (imagine use of "G'day" versus Good day as it is quick and simpler)

것이 = 게, 거

한국에서 오는 것이 힘들어요 = 한국에서 오는게 힘들어요 =한국에서 오는거 힘들어요

For creating your own sentences in speaking and writing, I recommend you to use "것이" rather than 게, 거 as usages for 것이 are more diverse both conversational & written.

Usually, songs and poems prefer shortened versions as such obviously

February 4, 2018


ㅅ ending is often omitted in Korean.

무엇 -> 무어 -> 뭐 이것 -> 이거 이것이 -> 이거+이 -> 이게

February 11, 2018


한국 means korea 에서 means coming from 오는 means coming to 게 means the action of 힘들어요 means that something is hard

February 6, 2018



February 11, 2018


Lol I just left Korea after living there for a year and it definitely is hard

June 10, 2018
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