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"What does the station you are waiting in front of look like?"

Translation:Jak vypadá to nádraží, před nímž čekáš?

February 3, 2018



What's wrong with this translation: "Jak vypadá ta stanice před níž čekáš" ? I don't see a mistake.


It is correct. "před níž" is formal or bookish in my opinion so would not be the first choice in this situation in a spoken conversation.

Added. "Jak vypadá ta stanice, před kterou čekáš." was already there.


Why "nímž"? Isn't "před nádraží" supposed to be neutral locative and therefore "němž"?


Před is (somewhat confusingly) followed by instrumental.

ETA: Unless 'před' means 'motion in front of sth' then it's followed by accusative.

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