"I had breakfast at five in the morning."

Translation:새벽 다섯 시에 아침 식사를 했습니다.

February 3, 2018



아침 식사를 새벽 다섯 시에 했습니다. is this wrong

February 3, 2018


I have a huge problem with this sentence; the sentence tries to deliver the message that someone has had breakfast, meaning that they ate it. But the given translations mean literally have in Korean. I am very confused as to why someone would translate "having breakfast" literally into Korean. Noone does that. Maybe change the sentence into someone eating breakfast at five and changing the translation into "먹었습니다"

April 16, 2019


can someone break down 새벽 다섯 시에?? I understand the number five but before and after mean what??

August 13, 2018


새벽 = dawn 시+에 =hour + time/location particle The thing is "at 5 in the morning"

August 13, 2018
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