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"I had breakfast at five in the morning."

Translation:새벽 다섯 시에 아침 식사를 했습니다.

February 3, 2018



this final lesson on time seems to have been put together by non Koreans. For example: I was marked wrong on one translation because I put "11:00 a.m." - they showed the correct translation as "11 a.m", and marked my translation "wrong". They also spend way too much time on 이들, 여흘 etc. Other than 하루, real Koreans don't use those; they say 이일, 삼일 etc.


can someone break down 새벽 다섯 시에?? I understand the number five but before and after mean what??


새벽 = dawn 시+에 =hour + time/location particle The thing is "at 5 in the morning"


Even though 새벽 is "dawn", it can also translate as "past midnight" - from 1:00 am to about 7:00 am


아침 식사를 새벽 다섯 시에 했습니다. is this wrong


For what times would you use 새벽? I read somewhere that it's typically used in place of 오전 for the time of day between 12-3 am in the morning at dawn?

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