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Flashcards on Memrise. Can you help me?

Dobrý den. Potřebuju pomoc!

I created a list of random words that I have been trying to learn for some time now. I wonder if you, native speakers and/or advanced learners of Czech, could have a look at these flashcards and make sure if the words are correct? Of course I knew the meaning before uploading them, but just in case there is a typo, a mistake, an ambiguity or a different use of that word. Here is the link

I will be keeping an eye on your comments. Děkuju moc a hezký víkend!

February 3, 2018



Hi. I looked at your list. I found only three mistakes. Good job. Level 6 - číšník, Level 11 - dálnice, Level 15 - sladkosti. Snad to bude všechno. Možná ještě někdo najde nějaký překlep. Přeji hodně zdaru při učení.


Wow, that's amazing! Thank you very much for spending your time on helping me. I really appreciate it. All the best!


Hi Soolrak,

I found out that on Memrise the best way is to create a shared document into which everybody can write and you will be notified by mail when they do so. I created them for my courses, if somebody finds a typoo or lacked synonym, he can just write it there. The second option is to appoint somebody with a good knowledge of language as a contributor, as you appointed me in your course "Dokonavé - Nedokonavé" so the individual can manage all synonyms and everything with relative ease.

If you want you can add me to this course as well or use me in other ways, like some conversation practice etc. :)

The course is well written,my two cents:

Set 12 rána - not only wound, but also blow

Set 15: scarf - not only šátek, but also šála. Šátek je většino čtvercový, kdežto šála je úzký, často pletený, pruh látky, který se užívá k ochraně krku před chladem nebo k okrase.

don't worry - Nedělej si starosti. vs don't be afraid - Neboj se

Set 17: mandle - not only almond but also tonsils in anatomy


Good job, man!

Maybe some additions: Level 3 vystupovat - means also to appear (on stage). Level 6 koš - koš na smetí means bin. Level 10 východ - means also exit (opposite to entrance). Level 11 vypadat - means also to look like. (The word krk appears two times in your list, in level 12 and 16).

Good luck to you! (BTW I've never seen anybody on Duolingo yet with six-digit XP numbers, that's amazing and incredible! I raise my hat to you!)


Thank you very much for paying attention to my list. I fixed the krk mistake. Bydlel jsem v Praze jeden rok a chci go back tam tento rok. Možná v červenci :D!

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