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how to know if the students have access to the classroom's forum and how to access it as professor


I am the new professor of Spanish in a high school in Poland and I have created a Duolingo's classroom since in the club I cannot gather more than 14 students and me. We use a lot the post and the club as a forum so I activated the forum option in the classtoom but i do not find the way to access it or know if my students can access it. In other post I saw that there is no way for us to access it but I think it does not make any sense. Any recommendation/instruction please? ot maybe, does someone knows how to increase the number or slots into a club?


February 3, 2018

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The forums you've enabled are the general Duolingo forums. It sounds as if what you're looking for is a closed forum specifically for your class - Duolingo doesn't offer anything like that. Your best bet is probably to use a forum elsewhere - does your school have a VLE?

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