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JLPT N5 level

Will it be quite difficult to do good in JPLT N5 exam if I study using online resources ( like YouTube, Duolingo) only? Can someone suggest me a few sites which will help me for JLPT exams?

February 3, 2018



The best place to go initially is the official site where you can find practice tests and practice workbooks. There are other places like this where you can do a bit more practice.

There are a few resources online. Suggest you take look at as many as you can and bookmark the ones you find mesh best with your learning style and that you find most enjoyable.


thank you! if I'm able to do decent in the sample tests i should go for the real exam, right?


That has been discussed on other posts. It really depends on what your intentions are. It could be a good motivational tool for you and put you in an environment with other language learners. That being said, the N5 through N3 certifications have dubious real-world value. If, however, you intend to eventually take the N2 or N1, it might set help you on your path by giving some structure and recognition of your effort.

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