What's dictionary/French?

I've somehow come across a part of Duolingo I can only access directly by its url:

It appears very useful, but I can't seem to find it linked anywhere on the site. Is this supposed to be a feature that can be accessed? And why is there some sort of hash at the end of the url?

February 3, 2018


You can click on some words in a sentence discussion to access these pages. Try it here: . Click on "attendre."

To revisit the origins of this feature, read this:

And hashtags in url's are used to take you directly to a specific part of a page. (It's called a fragment identifier.)

February 3, 2018

Thanks, the links were very helpful.

However, by the hash, I meant the "04f01d4510452935bd67f941711bfdd8" in the url in my post.

For example, the Wikipedia page for the fragment identifier itself:

This loads the page and links to the "Basics" section:

Without the fragment identifier, the page still loads, although not to the "Basics" section:

However, using the url in my post:

Loads the page fine:

404 error occurs without the "hash":

It doesn't seem to be a fragment identifier, since the page should still load. What's its purpose?

February 3, 2018
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