"My apartment is one hundred and twenty square meters."

Translation:Mon appartement fait cent-vingt mètres carrés.

February 3, 2018



What is wrong with "Mon appartement est d'un cent-vingt mètres carrés"?

February 3, 2018


Firstly, it is simply "cent-vingt" - the one (un) is never said when referring to one hundred. Secondly, the French use the verb "faire " when speaking of measurements.

"ça fait 2 mètres de diamètre "
it's 2 metres in diameter

"la salle à manger fait 4 mètres par 3 "
the dining room measures 4 by 3 metres

February 3, 2018


There are a few variants to mean the same thing:

  • mon appartement mesure cent-vingt mètres carrés.
  • la surface de mon appartement est de cent-vingt mètres carrés.
February 4, 2018


Just to add a precision, no one would use the verb "mesurer" to talk about a surface area. "mesurer" conveys an idea of length. i.e. "Il mesure 2 m" => "He is 2 m tall"

February 5, 2018


please note that there's no hyphen between hundreds and tens, just between tens and units (exception: vingt et un, trente et un, quarante et un, cinquante et un, etc.)

  • cent vingt (120)
  • cent vingt et un (121)
  • cent vingt-deux (122)
  • deux mille (2 000)
  • vingt-deux mille deux cent vingt-deux (22 222)

[edit: I just read about the Rectifications de l'orthographe de 1990. it seems that to simplify and standardize writing, they make it possible to hyphen all the words in numbers.... I'm seriously bewildered as I've never heard about it]

February 8, 2018
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