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It would be helpful if I could "click" on any verb and see the conjugation.

10 months ago

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Forgive me if my memory is faulty, but ...

I think that used to be a feature of this website.

There was a conjugation button you saw when you hovered your cursor over a verb.

Duolingo took the feature away in one of the website makeovers. (They wanted to improve the performance of the website.)

So, it is unlikely that feature will return here.


Workaround: Open up a browser tab and load up another site to get help.

For Dutch, you can see conjugations at (which is primarily a dictionary website) and

There are likely other sites as well. (Also, both sites feature multiple languages if that's useful for you.)

Interglot has an app - it's just called Glot - in the Apple store. (Not sure about Android.)

10 months ago

Thanks for the hints, interglot indeed looks very helpful

10 months ago
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