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"The element is small."

Translation:El elemento es pequeño.

4 years ago



Chico does not mean small in the sentence.

1 year ago


I agree.

1 year ago

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I'm surprised this isn't "la elemento" for the singular to avoid the el-el like is done for "el agua" to avoid la-a.

4 years ago


The idea is to separate vowels, not bring them together. In 'el elemento' the two 'e' sounds are separated by the 'l'

4 years ago

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And besides, the reason for not using "la agua" and "la arma" is because you have two stressed sounds that are the same right next to each other. "La agua". That's why you don't change, for example, "la ausencia" to "el ausencia;" the stress is on the "e", not the first "a."

4 years ago


"...El problema no es tu ausencia, el problema es que te espero..." ("El Problema" - Ricardo Arjona)

I learned that word "Ausencia" a while before I started on DL, I got into a couple of Arjona songs last summer while dating a Colombian woman (ay muy loca). Then I went off on my own and found a handful more that I liked. I printed the lyrics and I starting singing along with them nightly, then in august I joined DL. I purposely never translated the lyrics because i wanted to see if I would begin to understand as I progressed on DL. I currently understand about 80% of the literal translation, but I do know fully what each song is conveying. It's pretty cool.

4 years ago