Is it possible to be gender neutral in french?

I have a couple of friends who are gender fluid, and taking to/about them in French is tough. I would use 'Il', since it means 'it', but 'Il' makes it seem like I am saying 'he' as opposed to 'it'. In English I would say they, but that would be ils or elles and those are used to talk of multiple people. I understand that French is a very gendered language, but I was wondering if there is a way around this problem.

February 3, 2018


try to get a website there should be one around that should help you out and there is always tinycards if you can't find a website there should be tinycards in French about that

February 3, 2018

It seems there are a few possiblilities for gender neutral language in french, though I don’t think any are ‘official’. I think the best thing to do would be to ask your friends, if they are french or studying french themselves, perhaps they already know which pronouns they prefer. Things get a bit tricky in french because of the adjectives and accords. However I did find some guides online that might help you. They are in french but the video is a blogger with suggestions of how to address a gender neutral person is subtitled, so hopefully it can help. This article has a helpful infographic at the bottom.

February 4, 2018
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