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    hi so i can't get onto the next stage on my course?? Ive completed the basic one (the first one there is) and can't get onto the second subject (named "the") I'm getting really frustrated and can't seem to find a solution. I've tried refreshing, deleting it and starting over, closing tab and re opening, and nothing works. help. btw my course is german. any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

    February 4, 2018


    I never knew even super man needs help some times HEHEHEHEH(:

    There are three parts to basics, did you finish all of them? Strengthen them and try again.

    try restarting your phone laptop etc. if that does not work try opening a new tab and charge your laptop/phone etc. if that does not work i do not know what to do after all i am not a electrician even though my dad use to be now he is a engineer but anyways Bye for now

    what in the "the" do you need help with?
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    He can't get the lesson to open it seems.

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