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Excessive lingots

What to do with all the lingots :( There are only 3 items in the shop.

February 4, 2018



The only things from the store that I ever buy are streak freezes (after all, my streak's almost at 100!). Other than that, I just let them accumulate in a large digital pile.


I believe that once the Japanese course is out of beta you will be able to unlock more lessons using lingots once you've finished the current tree. This is the case with some other languages and each lesson is 30 lingots each.


Unlikely, given that none of the Incubator-made courses have bonus lessons. Only Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese have them, and there seems to be no sign of expanding the feature to other languages.

That said, I'd happily fork over all of my lingots to get more kanji in the Japanese tree!


Ukrainian, Turkish and Esperanto also have bonus skills available and they all came from the incubator so it's perfectly possible more courses will follow.


Really? Huh, that's cool to know. Although I think that Duolingo should first work on expanding the regular Japanese tree before adding bonus skills.


I know about bonus skills but they can be brought before finishing a tree. Are you sure you're not confusing them with something else?


ouhh i see. maybe i should learn another language while waiting for it to out of beta


I don't think that's a very good idea. Since Japanese is a very different language, if you take a break for a while you might end up forgetting a lot. If Japanese is a language you really want to learn and have a passion for, stick with it. After all, Duolingo is just one resource out of many. If you want to learn more, I highly recommend the Genki textbook series. It's by far the best Japanese textbook I've ever used.

Hope this helps! Good luck! 頑張ってください!




I Don't Use Them; I Just Give Some Away


What others said. Save them up. :) You can use them to give to others- especially for those tutors out there who explain something helpful (like particles- ai!!!), or just made your day. :)

For yourself, you can use it to save up on a day that you can't make it to your device (pay for a streak freeze).

You can use them towards future courses (necessary if you answer so many questions wrong in a row in other courses- like Spanish and Italian).... they are used like coins to continue playing a game in an arcade.

Don't stop with Japanese! Keep going at it every day. I totally agree about the comment about Genki Book. I am JUST starting Japanese, and it is the book I am leaning upon the most right now. I also just signed up for a tutoring one-one-one via iTalkie every other week, and just signed up for Busu. Therefore, I had to cut my "coach" down a bit. I was going 50 XP a day, but now I am down to only 20XP. Duolingo is definitely helping, but I think I need to put more effort and time through other means. Still continuing Duolingo, though。


Find out what works best for you, but keep moving on.


I like your avatar. Have a lingot!


I don't have many lingots since I'm new here, but you have a Ghibli avatar so here is one for you.


Very nice way to help someone! Lingot!


For anime art commission.


(I'm fan of Love live! too)


yay lets be friend :3


a 14000 day streak brings you a million lingots. That's only about 38.7 years!


Just a tip... maybe if you have a lot of lingots... you can use the lingots to do a Streak freeze so that you can maintain a streak... and also earn more lingots so that you can just use it if you need help! Or if you want to... you can be nice and just give some away. (And I don't need the lingots! I'll work for them!) By the way... I see that you have Japanese 10, I hope that you can learn enough Japanese to be a contributor to the Japanese Beta... they still need to incorporate 3 more writing style... maybe you can help!


Looks like you can give them away.

  • Hmm....Let Be Friend <3


gift me them lol XD Check out my bio


You can open the game, or ling without having to buy in the store. The ling is very simple. Can you give me some ling?

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