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audio too fast and pinyin to the mouse over tool tips

hi i feel like the audio is way too fast for me, and i struggle to learn all the characters, so my workflow is mostly to copy paste them into google translator to get the pinyin. hope thats the right word. would be nice the pinyin could be added somehow. maybe even pronunciation of individual characters like i can do in google translator.

February 4, 2018



If you're on a desktop, I recommend the Perapera plug-in for Firefox. If you're on a phone, try the Pleco app.


IF you use Chrome I would recommend my extension


  • Re-hear sentences slowly, in a different voice at the click of a button
  • Switch between traditional and simplified
  • See word definitions
  • See a list of word of learned words already learned
  • Collect a basket of words you want to learn to later
  • Loads of other fixes in the broken Duolingo course
  • Pinyin in your word basket and list of learned words

I usually launch a feature every day, tomorrow though I am working on the Cantonese stuff.

Good luck.

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