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Quantity of Japanese content

Hello there,

I have been pursuing Japanese for English speakers since shortly after the course was released in Beta and while I am enjoying the course immensely, I would like to know if there are plans to add a greater number of lessons ad the course moves from Incubation Phase 2 to Incubation Phase 3?

I found that I completed the available content within a relatively short period of time and it currently requires very little effort for me to maintain the tree at a gold standard. I enjoy the Duolingo teaching format and find that it works well for me. Can you please let me know if there are plans to expand on the currently available lessons?

Many Thanks,

A Japanese enthusiast

February 4, 2018



I agree that there is currently not that much content on here. Then again, the number of contributors on the Japanese course is fairly low compared to other languages which results in the beta taking longer than usual. That said, I am sure additional content will be added in time. An official statement would be great though!


Thank you for the reply. I have my fingers crossed that additional content will be added as Japanese progresses from beta and agree that an official statement would be nice :) That said, the available content has provided a great start to the language and the audio has helped with trying to master the pronunciation!


Unfortunately, you can generally rely on the Japanese pronunciation only for the whole sentences recorded as such. When you choose words from the word bank, often the sound produced when you select a character/string is not correct in context. (So, listener beware...)


I agree, a little more in the realm of official statements would be lovely.


I would like to see more Japanese content (nearing the end of my tree after 2 weeks of clocking a few minutes per day here), yet I am also worried that nobody is even trying to do basic quality control on the content. Mostly, my frustrations are with perfectly reasonable translations being rejected, and arbitrary choices about when kanji are refused/demanded if we type our answers in Japanese (rather than using word bank, which feels insufficiently challenging). But there are outright ridiculous mistakes too: https://snag.gy/0NXG1K.jpg -- and it seems nobody is monitoring the error reports lately.

I realize my comment is not directly about the OP's topic -- quantity -- but I should think getting the existing tree cleaned up should be top priority, then adding additional lessons.


I've also had answers marked as errors which are an exact match for the 'corrected' sentence. Some major weirdnesses.


This is a longstanding issue throughout the site. It's a technical glitch, not one the course contributors can do anything about. If it happens again, take a screenshot and submit a bug report


Adding more content will require a new tree version, which is only possible after the current tree gets out of beta.

I have every suspicion a longer version is on the agenda. I also have to suspect it won't be soon. The tree, at least to me, seems a long way from exiting beta. Then again Swahili just got out (and, oh wow, is it still rough), so who knows?

If you want more Japanese now, there's the reverse tree (English for Japanese speakers).


Thanks for that suggestion piguy3!


I'm in the same situation. Hoping they will release new content before I get tired of maintaining my golden tree...


I'm also hoping that they add more to the lingots store for the Japanese section. Like fun little lessons or something like they do for the other languages. I hope they add more soon, before i fill up my tree as well :[]

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