"They are different animals!"

Translation:To jsou jiná zvířata!

February 4, 2018

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'Ta jsou jina zvirata' is incorrect, why so?


This is the common "to je/je to" and "to jsou/jsou to" pattern. It is always TO for all genders and both numbers.


Thx. Will make it a rule now, been getting confused with it too often.


Why is not acceptable "To jsou dalsí zvířata!" ?


that would be "additional animals"


To add to this, different and another may be used interchangeably, this is not the case.

Think 'i want another coffee, in addition to this coffee' vs 'i want a different coffee, this was not the coffee i ordered'. Very similar but the meaning is addition v replacement.

Hope that helped and didn't confuse.


why jinÁ zvířata, but poslednÍ zvířata


Hard vs soft adjectives. Soft adjectives decline differently. See the tips & notes provided (web only atm).


I have always had the impression that další. Was another and jina meant different and now while on holiday am doing a lot of practice exercises and have come across Instances where they are interchangeable. So I changed my stance on that, and now I am confused because další Is wrong here. Is it because of the a in. Zvířata?


See CultureSharked above.


Sorry doesn't help


Další is the correct form, as it is an -í adjectiv and so "další zvířata" would be grammatically correct, just as "jiná zvířata". I noticed, too, that Duolingo is sometimes accepting both, but maybe that is only when "another" is used in English? If you go by "další" = "another, further, additional, more, extra" and "jiný" = "another, different, another kind, alternative", you will get it correct.


thanks, I guess the trick is knowing when another; additional or another; different is meant!


Then I don't know what else to say, really. different and next are two different words with different meanings. The word another can overlap both of these two English words. In Czech different=jiný, next=další. Another can mean both, because it can mean both in English, it is not a Czech issue, it is an English issue.


It is actually an English-Czech translation issue, and I think the question is answered now. ;)

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