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  5. "They are big animals."

"They are big animals."

Translation:Jsou to velká zvířata.

February 4, 2018



I thik is correct "Ta jsou velká zvířata", but I wait for other confirmations


No, it is not. This is a common error. Notice you use "It is my dad (who ...)." "It is my mom (who ...)." NOT "He is" or "She is". In Czech we have this even in plural.

So the To in "To jsou velká zvířat." is the very same To as the It in "It is my mom....".


I don't understand your answer. Jsou to velká zvířata. It - to, Is or Are - Jsou.


Well, it is better to take it this way:

There is a very common sentence type "To je...", "Je to...", "To jsou...", "Jsou to...".

It is VERY common and there are many people asking it in many places of this forum. The "To" there stands for any indeterminate thing or things of any grammatical gender. Just remeber that.


Why wouldn't "to jsou velka zvirata" be correct? I'm not sure I understand the placement of "to" after "jsou" , as opposed to before it.


It is correct and accepted.


i think i missed something on why not this: "Jsou TA velká zvířata."?


See my answer to Fabio.


Why is "Jsou velká zvířata" not accepted? Why is "to" necessary when "Jsou" can mean "They are" even without a subject pronoun present?


"Jsou velká zvířata" is accepted.


Can someone explain me please, whats the difference between "velki, velky, velka"


Please see the Tips (on the web, select a skill and click on TIPS).

velki does not exist, velký is masculine singular, velká is femine singular or neuter plural

All are the nominative case.

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