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Feedback to Duolingo Team

I find it a little frustrating that once you have typed in your ‘answer’ this becomes ‘grayed out’ so once you have seen the correct answer and you want to look at what you actually typed, it is very difficult to read it. To me it is useful to go back over your answer and reflect on the correction.

February 4, 2018



Greyed out? I don't understand what you mean. I have never seen an response "greyed out".


You might want to hop over to the Troubleshooting Forum and see if user scripts are still allowed and if anyone has a working color theme you like.

My understanding is that they are not supported by Duolingo, so it's drive with caution.





I forgot to ask: are you on a Mac?

If yes, have you tried zooming in/out in the browser? (Command and "+", Command and "-"). I find it very helpful.


I agree with Lisbeth 440207. The same thing happens to me and my eyesight is fine, too.


I’m using an iPad mini usually and occasionally an iPad. My I.T. skills are quite limited so reading technical jargon to fix a problem usually leaves me totally confused.


I had never used Duolingo via an iPad browser until five minutes ago.

I see the problem you and Lisbeth are encountering.

If you are using DL-via-iOS-browser, yes, the wrong-answer-grayed-out-text is incredibly hard to read. I'd go blind in five minutes.

  • My above post re user scripts assumed that you were using desktop machines. I'm 99.9% certain that it will not work on an iPad.

  • I spent a few minutes playing around with the iPad screen settings (high contrast, invert colors, and color filters). Sadly, I couldn't improve things.

  • I also spent a few minutes poking around the Troubleshooting form. Nothing caught my eye.

This might be part of the reason DL drives folks towards the iOS application (which also has limitations).


  • Do you have access to a desktop or laptop machine? Can you use DL there? I prefer the web version of DL by about ten miles.

  • If your iPad is the only option, would you like to follow-up in the Troubleshooting forum? If yes, I'd be happy to help. It might work best if I post there and let you know what I find. Here's the info we will need:

    • Which version of iPad do you have? (Settings : General : Version AND Model)
    • Which browser are you using? Firefox? Safari? Are they up-to-date?

I'm happy to help. I like digging into these sorts of things.

Have a good evening.


It's super-weird, I remember trying DL on Safari on Ipad2 about two years ago and there was no problem, they must have done something to screw it up in the meantime :(

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for being so helpful and willing to spend your time helping others who are more technologically-challenged, as I'm one of them. I don't have any problems with using DL on my phone (yet), but I always appreciate someone who is willing to give his/her time to help others, so a big thank you... for now and for the future :)

Oh, and I agree with you, the web version is much, much better than the app. The whole "health" business on the app is just appalling.


FYI: There is a recent troubleshooting thread where one of the moderators suggested using the full website on mobile devices.

I replied to him/her re: text readability. Included a screenshot. Hopefully we will get a reply.


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