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"What time do you normally get off work?"


February 4, 2018



Is it also correct to say 你几点一般下班?


No, it is not; for this question, the order is fixed.


I asked a similar question in another thread, but I wanted to know why this order is wrong. It seems that any time you have an adverb that is related to a point in time, the adverb goes before the time and not before the verb.

我一般学习 - I usually study
(Subject - Adverb - Verb)

我一般星期三学习 - I usually study on Wednesday
(Subject - Adverb - Time - Verb)

你一般几点学习 ? - What time do you usually study ?
(Subject - Adverb - Time - Verb)

When the time relates to duration (how long a verb takes), the adverb goes in front of the verb and the time comes after.

我一般学习三个小时 - I usually study for three hours
(Subject - Adverb - Verb - Time)


Shouldn't it be "你平時幾點下班?"


What about "你一般什麼時候下班?"


The response for this question is a clock time, so 幾點 is the better choice.

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