"The teacher is from Dresden."

Translation:Der Lehrer kommt aus Dresden.

March 19, 2013

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Can you not say "Der Lehrer ist aus Dresden"? Or would that mean the teacher is made from Dresden (an awkward claim, granted)?


It's not an awkward claim, but I think it's still not technically correct. I'm not a hundred percent certain but I believe it should really be "Der Lehrer kommt aus Dresden". I think you could say "Der Lehrer ist von Dresden" though. Please correct me if I'm wrong..


Thank you. It sounds as though whether or not one could say "Der Lehrer ist aus Dresden," one probably wouldn't. And I wasn't sure whether you could say "Der Lehrer ist von Dresden. That's good to know too.

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    Both "Der Lehrer ist aus Dresden" and "Der Lehrer kommt aus Dresden" are fine. Personally, I prefer the latter. "Der Lehrer ist von Dresden" is wrong in Standard German. It might be used in some regional dialects, though. Germandy, if you don't mind me asking, what part of Germany are you from?


    Yes, fully agree with christian.


    Thank you, all. I appreciate, very much, getting such careful answers to all my questions.


    Oh. I wasn't certain about the "ist aus.." because I thought it's one of the things people say although it's not correct. Apparently it's not, but the "ist von.." is and I wasn't aware. Thanks for letting me know! ;) It's possible that it's a regional mistake - I am from NRW around Cologne / Aachen (but study in Berlin).
    In general I prefer "Der Lehrer kommt aus Dresden" too, though.

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