"He lives in a village."

Translation:Il vit dans un village.

February 4, 2018

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Can anyone tell me how to determine if a noun is femal or male? I know a lot of female nouns end in the letter e but there are at least two that don't "village" and "verre".


There isn't a surefire way of determining whether a noun is feminine or masculine; your best bet is to memorize the singular indefinite article (un or une) that accompanies the noun. Just think of it as a part of the word.

That said, there are certain endings that are typically masculine and others that are typically feminine. Here is an excellent post, Duolingo: Noun genders in french


Whag is the difference between "vivre" (duolingo uses), "habiter", and "demeurer" (taught at school 60 years ago)


Vivre and habiter can often be used interchangeably, with the exception being that animals can "vivent" in a certain location, but only people "habite" in a location.

Demeurer most commonly means "to stay" or "to remain," in the both the figurative and literal sense.

Edited to add: "Demeurer" can also mean to dwell, so that could also be a possibility.


Great explanation! Thankyou


You are welcome!

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