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  5. "We are among men."

"We are among men."

Translation:Wir sind unter Männern.

February 4, 2018

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The German translation is wrong. It says "Wir sind unter Männer." while it should be "Wir sind unter Männern".
Maybe someone can report this.


I can't find this sentence in the incubator.

It may have been "deleted" -- which unfortunately doesn't delete a sentence completely but leaves a zombie behind which still shows up occasionally.

...ah, I've found it. I'm guessing that the original sentence was deleted and then replaced by the correct Wir sind unter Männern (sentence discussion here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25450910 ), but the reverse translation (English to German) still showed the old translation and has not been updated (hence it still expects the incorrect Wir sind unter Männer).

It's a Pearson sentence.

So learners can report it as 'Correct translation' is unnatural or has an error if they wish but I'm not sure whether that will help.


Warum unter und nicht zwischen?


zwischen = between


But doesn't unter mean "under"?


    It also means "among", depending on context.


    If you wanted to say "we are under the men" (eg, on a lower floor than the men's dressing room), you would have to use the article in German as well: "Wir sind unter den Männern"

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