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Common phrases in Czech?

Hi-- I'm new to Duolingo and about a third of the way through the Czech course. I just unlocked the first 'questions' lessons, and I'm wondering why it doesn't seem to offer any of the common phrases one might need if traveling in a Czech-speaking area.

I understand Duolingo is not exactly a phrasebook, and it has certainly taught me useful greetings and common words... just wondering if there is something others might recommend in addition to these lessons to quickly learn how to ask where the bathroom, coffee house and record shop are before I visit in a month :)


February 4, 2018

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...why it doesn't seem to offer any of the common phrases one might need if traveling in a Czech-speaking area.

others will likely chime in about the common phrase sources outside duo. i will just take on the quoted item. one of the constraints with the duo course is that we can't unleash all the cases on you at once. (if you don't know what cases i am talking about, that would sort of strengthen my point.) some vocabulary comes only with the later-introduced cases. it's great to know how to ask where something is, but when all you know is the nominative, you are not equipped to understand the answer anyway! this is why we can put only so much direct touristy stuff early on. more direct phrases are in the places, directions, shopping, and restaurant skills, and elsewhere.

for example, Where is the bathroom? probably shows up in (or can be added to) the household skill. coffee shop/café is not in the course at all. of course, it would seem a trivial matter to substitute whatever X you want in Kde je X?, instead of expecting to be given all of the Xs directly. this really is how duo should be used: learn to fish yourself instead of getting all the fish handed to you. languages like english and spanish can probably front-load on the phrasebook content to keep the users engaged, since the words change so little. not so slavic languages.

btw, if you just unlocked questions 1, you are so not 1/3 done--give it time.

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