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What happened to the translation of writings section?

I enjoyed challenging myself. Having completed 1 language course I wanted to try translation. This section has disappeared. Even have completed the stories which were fun. I do not want to abandon my French, but frankly I am bored doing the same thing over and over.

February 4, 2018



I think they should bring it out of retirement. The app and this website, really do help a lot when learning a language, but there is only so much we can do once we've finished the trees. I mean, maybe they should put together more advanced trees? I think that would be something that could be very helpful.


If you are talking about Immersion, it was retired a few months ago (see here)


D'anciens élèves, attristés de la disparition de l'immersion, ont fondé un site convivial et participatif où les lumières brillent de nouveau, viens voir et juge de toi-même si ça mérite de te joindre au groupe. translatihan.com

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