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"Nevíte, kde je nejbližší bankomat?"

Translation:Do you know where the nearest ATM is?

February 4, 2018



Is there a difference when I start such sentences with "Nevíte" or "Víte"? Is "Nevíte" more polite?


"Do you know [OBJ: where is the nearest ATM]?". Here, I don't need to invert the auxiliar-verb other, in english because the clause works as an object. Wouldn't it?


yeah it feels completely normal to say " Do you know where is the nearest atm?" everybody says it like that


I don’t know about other English speaking countries but as a native speaker from the US. . .Where is the nearest ATM sounds normal but adding Do you know where is the nearest ATM sounds weird to me.


It sounds weird to me too but I think that is only because people usually use the contraction " where's " instead of "where is". "Do you know where's the nearest ATM?" sounds normal to me.


That is because one is a question and one is a relative clause. Relative clauses use the standard word order, not the inverted/question one.


I'm native AmE and to me it feels strange to say, "Do you know where is/where's the nearest ATM?" If someone used it, the meaning would be understood. But it is not accepted at this time.

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