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I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but could duolingo add a full word list of the new words we learn in each lesson? Sometimes I'd like to go back and memorize the words after the lessons or I didn't do the lesson because I translated to get all my points in that section, but I would still like to know the words. Thanks

July 2, 2012


I have the vocabulary tab, but my sister, who downloaded her app from Google Play and has a more recent version than me, does NOT have a vocabulary tab. VERY puzzling - the vocabulary tab is so useful, I don't understand why they would take it away in an UPGRADE... :-( PLEASE BRING THE VOCAB LIST BACK! PLEASE!

Totally agree! Please bring vocab back!

Agree! Agree! Agree! Beg! Beg! Beg!

please add the vocabulary list back

Agreed! I had the vocab list and then something updated (apparently automatically) on my computer because everything looks different and the vocab list is GONE. Please return it!

Please, add some vocabulary list feature! It's necessary in that kind of application!

I think this is something they are planning to add.

it would be nice too if we had a way to add words we already know from lessons we might not have covered yet. I'm in a class right now and we are following a different order than this site. It would be great to add the words i know from other sources to my vocab list.

I want a vocabulary tab too. I signed up 11 days ago and don't have one on the site nor on my tablet.

I totally agree!!! need that kind of stuff!!!!

You should note all new words somewhere. Either in a notebook or in a flashcard software: and you should practice them.

That's what he's trying to do. But it would be easier to do it if the words were listed for future reference. I agree, I can't wait till this is done.

You probably have noticed allready: But the "vocabulary" tab is what you needed, right?

I don't have vocabulary tab. How is it possible to make it appear? I've seen mty friends account and she has the vocabulary tab indeed, but mine doesn't...

All taken care of, thanks though!

Ah ha. Even without a tab, try this link:

I got a blank page too.

it's just a blank page for me?

Now it's showing a blank page for me too. Yet, I loaded "Duolingo Vocabulary Manager", an extension for the Chrome browser. It still gives me my vocabulary in a little testing format.

when I look at the source code of the blank page I can see that the vocabulary is defenitely there, but is just not being displayed

Still get a blank page only. Has anyone solved this problem?

Please return the Vocab list for each lesson! Please! Please!

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