"We would like to drink German beer."


February 4, 2018

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maaan i can't differentiate between 想,要,想要,需要


I totally understand your feeling! These words don't have exact equivalents in English, so only by hearing them used in different ways by native speakers can you get a real feel for them. Let me see if I can help, and if I'm wrong here I'm open to being corrected. This is how I came to understand it after living in China for a few years: 想 - Sort of like "wish" or "desire." To be homesick is 想家. 要 - In this case, it's "want". Other uses are "must" and "will". 想要 - "Wish," but more formal or polite than either 想 or 要 alone. 需要 - "Need" or "require." This word is more strong than simply 要.


Hiii I'm a chinese. 想要 Means you "want to". 需要 Means you "need to". There's not much difference between 想 and 要,so if you combine them (想要)its meaning is still "want to". :)


想 is think/(feel like having). Honestly the translation here ought to have been "we feel like having german beer". That would have cleared up the confusion.


Why is it "德国啤酒" and not 德国的啤酒"?


Two nouns do not need a 的 between them. The two words form a compound noun. A 的 is required when connecting adjectives with 2 or more syllables to a noun.

Other examples:
香蕉蛋糕 - banana cake
法国菜 - french food
汽车保险 - car insurance

聪明的鸟 - smart bird
生气的人 - angry person


They should both be acceptable. Duolingo trying to distinguish between "German beer" and "beer from Germany", perhaps.


Does the sentence work with 要 added to it? 我们想要喝德国啤酒。


I mean, you could if you wanted to sound super formal. In everyday Chinese we simply use 想


Yes, this is valid.


I feel that this sentence is missing something. I would expect to hear either 我们想喝德国的啤酒 or 我们想喝德式啤酒


啤 = beer
酒 = wine/liquor/alcoholic beverage
啤酒 (píjiǔ) = beer


I'm confused, I thought 想要 was 'would like' and 要 or 想 was 'want'. When I need to say 'would like' what do I use?

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