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"We would like to drink German beer."


February 4, 2018



maaan i can't differentiate between 想,要,想要,需要


I totally understand your feeling! These words don't have exact equivalents in English, so only by hearing them used in different ways by native speakers can you get a real feel for them. Let me see if I can help, and if I'm wrong here I'm open to being corrected. This is how I came to understand it after living in China for a few years: 想 - Sort of like "wish" or "desire." To be homesick is 想家. 要 - In this case, it's "want". Other uses are "must" and "will". 想要 - "Wish," but more formal or polite than either 想 or 要 alone. 需要 - "Need" or "require." This word is more strong than simply 要.


Hiii I'm a chinese. 想要 Means you "want to". 需要 Means you "need to". There's not much difference between 想 and 要,so if you combine them (想要)its meaning is still "want to". :)


Why is it "德国啤酒" and not 德国的啤酒"?


They should both be acceptable. Duolingo trying to distinguish between "German beer" and "beer from Germany", perhaps.


Does the sentence work with 要 added to it? 我们想要喝德国啤酒。


I mean, you could if you wanted to sound super formal. In everyday Chinese we simply use 想


Yes, this is valid.


It's the same meaning. :)


I feel that this sentence is missing something. I would expect to hear either 我们想喝德国的啤酒 or 我们想喝德式啤酒


hii i'm chinese, and i'm just here to learn how to write and read chinese hehehe... cuz I can speak it and understand it, but not read or write since i was raised in the US... anyway I wrote the same thing as the answer except I added a "he" (drink) and since i'm a native speaker, that should be correct but for some reason it wasn't...?


啤 = beer
酒 = wine/liquor/alcoholic beverage
啤酒 (píjiǔ) = beer


Could you please help me

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