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Is watching german movie and tv show good for learning?

how should I try it?

February 4, 2018



I would say yes, it is. One thing I would recommend is this; when listening to music in German, take the lyrics in German, and lyrics in English, or whatever your native language may be, and follow along with the lyrics. It helped me a lot when I learned. If you can get a hold of any movies in German, watch it in German and put on subtitles in your native language, or visa versa. watch it in your native language, but put German subtitles on. They won't always be accurate, sometimes not even when the movie is in German, and the subtitles are also in German. If you have Netflix, there could also be a larger number of movies and tv shows to watch in German.


thank you I have netflix and have seen some german movies I hope they add more

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Netflix has a lot of series that you can get German audio with English subtitles. I only found a couple with German subtitles.

I noticed that almost all the newer shows coming out are dubbed in German. Maybe there are a lot of German learners that Netflix has picked up on.


I do not know which country you're in, so I do not know if this is available there, but, look for 'Dark' on Netflix. It's a German Netflix original series, and it's amazing. Kind of slow to start off with, but, watch it. It'll mind make you a little crazy, but it's ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ amazing. They've got it in multiple languages, but I recommend watching it in German and using the subtitles you're more comfortable with. I watched it with German subtitles to better help me grasp the full concept, because sometimes, even though I speak fluent German, some accents throw me off.


I'm interested, what's the plot?


I believe every Netflix original series has German audio and subtitles available.


yes and so does listening to music in German : )


Watching movies contributed alot to my knowledge of the English language when I was younger. If you're going to watch some German movies I recommend ''Goodbye Lenin'' and ''Die Untergang''


Yes it it would be helpful for your German especially if you can montain all your focuse on the movie Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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