"The concert starts right away."

Translation:Le concert commence tout de suite.

February 4, 2018

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    This may be the correct way to write it, but in Canadian French I always hear people saying Toute suite.


    They could be saying "tout de suite" really quickly so you don't hear the "de". Sometimes non-native speakers miss the really short words, because you hear the phrase really quickly.


    @BobTheTriangle, actually that phrase has made its way to the States. My mother (born in Canada), used to say to us kids,"I want those rooms cleaned toute suite!" We always knew that meant NOW! But it never occurred to me that it was French until now (i know, I'm a bit slow). My point is that "de" was never used only toute suite.


    I think you just assume it to be "toutE suite", especially when it is said fast, but it really is "tout DE suite".


    that is indeed very Québécois. they (we, as I'm including myself) tend to cut short a lot of words in the casual speech, but that would definitely be wrong in a context more formal or in writing.


    Yes that is true, in Canadian French/ Quebecois a lot of short words are cut.

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