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  5. "I go running very often."

"I go running very often."

Translation:Ich gehe sehr oft laufen.

February 5, 2018



Why would 'renne' not work here, as opposed to laufe? (or rennen, depending on how you construct the sentence)


    Verbs for running don't really translate 1:1 between English and German - a source of constant confusion until you get a feeling for it through exposure to native-speakers.

    rennen really emphasises running fast, often in a race. Somewhat like "sprinting" but again not an exact match. If you used this word, people would likely ask why, rather than just understanding that you run for fitness. That would be more commonly expressed with laufen (or more specifically joggen for "jogging").

    So, whilst not wrong, maybe Duolingo doesn't accept it because it would be a less usual way to say it. Or, maybe they would accept it if you reported it as a missing alternative...


    Wow, I guess it's a good thing Duo marked it as wrong. otherwise, I'd never know the difference.. I thought Laufen describe all ways of moving by foot. Thanks for clearing that up!

    Two lingots. one for the question and one for the answer :)


    Why " Ich gehe laufen sehr oft" doesn't work?


    time is in priority in Deutsch


    I dont undsrstand why two verbs are necessary here. Why not ich laufe sehr oft


    was ist los mit "ich laufe gerne"


    "Ich laufe gerne" means you like to run. Duo's sentence indicates how often you go running, but does not say anything about how you feel about that.


    Why is "Sehr oft gehe ich laufen" not correct?

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