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German words for "Message": Mitteilung, Botschaft, Nachricht, Meldung

What's the difference between each one?

February 5, 2018



This German-loved dictionnaries can be a starting point in comparing words https://dict.leo.org/german-english/ https://fr.pons.com/traduction/anglais-allemand
This all German one is a reference https://www.duden.de/ And I like these sites to see words as used in real life http://dictionary.reverso.net/german-english/ https://www.linguee.com/english-german

Good luck.

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Vabelie - I like Linguee a lot. It is very user friendly.


I suggest you look into Vabelie's links, but here's a very short overview:

Nachricht - among other uses, it's the common word for messages e.g. on social media and mobile phones; also: Nachrichten = news (i.e.: what's in a newspaper; a TV programme). "Haben Sie Nachricht von meinem Sohn?" = "Do you have information about my son (who went missing in the war)?"

Meldung - for a news report, saying that a thing happened (e.g. that a volcano erupted)

Botschaft - the message of a book/song/play; more in outdated/formal/upscale contexts: a message/letter from somebody who has something to say to you (the President in his New Year's speech, a letter from Friar Laurence to Romeo); also: embassy

Mitteilung - an informative message from somebody, e.g. from the boss to the staff (e.g. that the company Christmas party is scheduled for next Friday); Pressemitteilung = press release (a "message/statement" for the press)

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    I often wondered the same really... the course doesn't make that much of a clear distinction between Nachricht, Meldung and Mitteilung really, they all seem interchangeable.

    "Botschaft" I haven't come across.

    Thanks stepintime.

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