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  5. "Nikdo mě nemá rád."

"Nikdo nemá rád."

Translation:No one likes me.

February 5, 2018



The double negation in Czech seems to work differently, compared with most other European languages.

Nikdo mě nemá rád -> nobody likes me

Would "nikdo mě má rád" be completely incorrect? Is the redundant negation compulsory?


Yes, it is compulsory. Slavic languages work that way, as far as I know. Often even vernacular English ("I ain't no...", "We don't need no...").


VladaFu, я восхищён! И немецкий и русский, но что меня потрясло, это что у вас всегда есть ответ, который помогает! Und wie ich sehe, beherrschen sie auch die deutsche Sprache ... wirklich nicht schlecht


nema rad also means he doesn't like so He does not like anything about me would be nema me nikdo rad??


no. in "He does not like anything about me.", the subject is "he", not "no one", and the direct object is "anything about me", not "me".

it ends up as Nemá na mně nic rád. this "na mně" is locative.


Right . about me na mne !! Thanks

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