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365 day streak!

I completed 365 days of practice on Duolingo today. I want to share my experience and suggestions- Duolingo is well designed and will help you clear A1 with ease provided you- 1) Don't just make the streak count by doing the easy lessons. 2) In addition to Duolingo, you need to be learning from other sources to vary your vocab. SlowGerman channel on YouTube is a good start. 3) LingQ and Babbel are immensely helpful. Dont miss out on them. LingQ being a little harder. 4) The recently launched "Stories" on Duo is very helpful too. Podcasts, at the moment are not in German but rumor is it will be available in German too.

February 5, 2018



congrats on 1year streak!


Excellent suggestions. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on hitting 365 days. Gut gemacht und weiter so!


Congrats on your year-long streak! And a double congrats on your level 25 in German! Keep up the great work.!:-)


well done. And I agree, you need to spread your studies far and wide, just to keep you thinking and to expose you to new vocabulary and its uses. I'm also using SlowGerman, Coffee Break German, a little DeutscheWelle and lots of Memrise. Will have to check out LingQ. Congrats


Thanks. I didn't know of Coffee Break German. 2 lingots for you :)


Gratuliere zum Jahrestag. Take a lingot as a small token of respect


Thanks for your encouraging words. Double the respect from me :)


Happy Duoversary :)

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Gut gemacht!


Ich gratuliere Sie zu Ihrem Erfolg! Gute gemacht! :)


I may be new to the site, but congratulations! I have been meaning to learn more in my spare time with videos on YouTube and now I see that it might help me further! Keep up the great work!


Deutsche Welle hat etwas neues enwickelt und ich finde es toll! Vielleicht kannst du mit dieser Website deine Deutschkenntnisse erweitern: https://learngerman.dw.com/en/overview


will anyone tell me what gemacht means please.


"Gemacht" is used to form the perfect tense of the verb "machen". "Hast du das gemacht" (Have you done that?) In these comments, "Gut gemacht!" translates to "Well done!"


Congrats for the hard work!


Inspirational ! Consistent and focused I can see, purely German. Sehr gut !


wow, a year in just one language. congrats!


Congrats! now you can start another language. memrise is great too

[deactivated user]

    Congrats and I agree with your suggestions. Duolingo shines when you are an active learner and are not just brute forcing the lessons. Another hint I would add is to not use the hint system after a certain level (after clearing the tree once). This will help you commit some of the harder to learn phrases into long-term memory. Yes, you will have to purposely fail some assignments to learn the correct answer sometimes but it really helps!

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